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about us

ModArc was created by Jim Larcombe whose aim is to provide comprehensive and professional service in architectural design utilising modular building and modern methods of construction (MMC).

Jim was born and raised in the West Dorset seaside town of Lyme Regis. He attended Exeter College where he completed his ONC and HNC in Building Studies. Whilst attending college, Jim served his apprenticeship at two reputable West Dorset based architectural companies. At the age of 20, Jim decided to become self employed and began his own architectural practice. The business was based in Lyme Regis for many years until relocating to Somerset in 2019 which has allowed Jim to expand his business and network of contacts.

Jim comes from a long line of family within the building industry, with five generations having forged successful building careers in and around Lyme Regis dating back to the mid 1800's.

Jim’s background has seen him run a successful architectural practice since 2011. Since then he has built a large client base in the South West and the surrounding areas. He specialises in contemporary remodels and has been developing a wide knowledge in modular building techniques, which he continues to find the best possible options for clients and developers alike.

Jim has been fortunate enough to grow up near the beautiful Dorset coast and work on many projects with stunning sea views over the years. At ModArc we continue to look for these types of projects and now being based in Somerset we are becoming more familiar with the countryside and other coastal areas in the South West.

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Jim Larcombe ModArc

Jim Larcombe

“Architecture is more than just a job, it’s a passion, a way of life. I live, eat and breath architecture and building. It’s not a 9-5 working in architecture, when an idea comes, you have to see where you can take it. I treat each client with exactly the same approach, yet my designs are tailored to their exacting standards.

Whilst I love the modern style of architecture and exceptionally passionate about modular building, this is not possible everywhere. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a project evolve day by day using high quality craftspeople.

I like to try and push the boundaries with the design, whether it may be budget or style. I like to open up those little areas within peoples mind, where they have never thought of going before. This doesn’t mean I forgot the original brief, however I will suggest opportunities to you.”

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