Joint Venture Opportunities

Have you a piece of land or a building ripe for developing but don’t have the funds to do so. Maybe we can help. With all of our contacts and experience in the construction and property industries, we have the ability to maximise the value of your land and make it a profitable venture for all parties.

Maybe your garden is becoming too large to handle now, but you love where you live? Maybe you have some land to the side of your property which is not being used? We may be able to assist in turning these areas into a successful venture with a financial reward. If you are interested, please contact us for more information to discuss further. We offer a free initial consultation for this service.

Have you got a property that you are struggling to sell, but the estate agents use those famous comments: “with potential”, “in need of modernising”, “possible building plot”? How about we look to try and maximise the potential in your property. We can help make your project more sellable and help people to see the potential.

Is it right for you?

Have you been interested in getting into property renovation and development, but have no experience, maybe we can help. We can offer a development consultancy role bespoke to each project in which we assist you throughout the design, build and selling process.

We operate within the Dorset, Devon & Somerset areas, and further afield when required. We will find agents to help you sell or rent depending on your preferred exit strategy.

If you have a proposition, and it's building related, we want to hear from you.

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