Finding Your Dream Location

Searching for your dream house can be hard work and time consuming, especially if it is in an area that you do not know so well. We have been approached by clients who wish to move to the South West, and with our strong knowledge of the area and plenty of experience on working on projects in this area, we offer a service to help people find their dream home.  A part of searching involves thinking outside of the box. We are able to see potential of a plot of land and old buildings which we can extend or even knock down and re-build to the client’s design brief.

 We are currently searching for a property or piece of land for a client who lives on the outskirts of London who wishes to invest in a holiday home for themselves and family in Lyme Regis. They have given us a clear brief of what they are looking for and where the compromises may be, and we have been able to arrange viewings on behalf of the client. We have then sent them feedback including lots of photos and our general thoughts on whether or not this land/building is worth the client viewing. The most recent property which we viewed for them is tucked away in a quiet area of Lyme Regis with stunning sea views. The building itself, is just a single storey cabin however there is plenty of room to remove and build a multiple storey home in its place. After giving all of our feedback to the client and letting our imaginations runaway and see the potential of what the land could be, we have now set up a meeting where the client can view it for themselves. We have also identified a further building plot, currently not on the market, which they are able to look into and carry out some research. This is imperative to be one step ahead of the competition in such a sought-after location. 

 We have a very close working relationship with many of our local estate agents and are always liaising with them to find out if any new potential homes/land for our clients become available. This way we feel we receive a lot more information and know the right questions to ask when viewing properties.

 We were able to help out a client when they were moving to Lyme Regis from Hertfordshire last year and unfortunately the house that they were purchasing was removed from the market and the seller pulled out at the last minute. The clients had already sold their home and had arranged rental in nearby Seaton so were then desperate to find a new house in a short period of time. After getting in touch with us, we were able to find a house for them which fitted their short-term requirements and they’ve recently had planning permission approved to add an extension which will fit their long-term requirements. The property which we had found for them had not even made it to the market, we spoke to our contacts in one of our local estate agents who had recently viewed the house in preparation for putting it on the market.

 This service we offer to clients, whether it’s because they live far away and do not know the area or they are local and just generally do not have time to search, we absolutely love the challenge. We find it very exciting viewing plots of land or old homes and imagining the potential and how we can turn it into someone’s dream home. 

Posted on July 15th 2019

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