The Benefits of Having a Home Office

Trends in the building industry are constantly changing and we have found that this year we have experienced the busiest January that our director Jim has ever seen throughout his career in architecture. Whether this is linked to Brexit or an increase in reputation we are unsure, however we plan to hit the ground running and take full advantage of this busy period, whilst providing the best high quality of services to all of our clients old and new.

We have taken a period of time to experiment in the lead up to Christmas, to see if working from home will maximise our time and increase our productivity. It did not take long for us to realise that this decision was a fantastic idea and before we knew it, we were working from home daily and reaping the benefits.

We are finding now that we are working from a home office, we have a more flexible schedule which allows us to work with clients when is more convenient for them. For example, we often have clients who wish to tweak their plans or request information later on in the day. This is now more feasible as we have our equipment with us at home, so do not necessarily have to wait until we are back in the office the following morning. 

We are still based in Somerset and have very easy access to all of the surrounding counties, which we still travel to weekly to visit clients and their projects. We have enquiries from all over the country, and do not limit ourselves to a specific area. Our knowledge and expertise are from experience working within Dorset, Devon and Somerset however this knowledge is expanding with the more work we complete throughout the UK.

Posted on February 7th 2020

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