Designing with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

Here at Modarc, we aim to keep up to date with all modern construction methods in order to give our clients the widest exposure to the products on offer. 

What is Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)? 

MMC is terminology referring to building construction methods that are built quicker, reliably and sustainably. These products that have been extensively tested under the British Standards, European Standards , BBA, and other tests including Fire testing and how they have performed. These products are mortgageable when backed up with a 10 year structural warranty, as is the way with the vast majority of new builds throughout England and Wales. 

One of the big benefits with MMC is that speed of build and quality that comes with it, along with the benefit of avoiding delays with weather that we experience in the UK.
Within the breakdowns below, you will see benefits for each system we work with.

We work with a variety of products that fall under the MMC category. Below we have set out a list of some of the products we work with;

  • ICF – ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Formwork. This is a preformed block, whether it is Woodcrete blocks such as ISOTEX or Polystyrene such as Nudura. Having worked with ICF systems before, we will be able to guide you through the process should you wish to use this product. Both of the systems above, allow for a dry stacking system, allowing these systems to be built within any weather conditions. Concrete pours normally take place at 1.5m – 2.5m in height, creating the speed of build. We will be able to guide you through the design process and advise on the most suitable ICF system for your build. The thermal performance and acoustic performance of these structures are prefect for new build projects including self build and property development. 
  • Timber Frame – There are many different Timber frame system and combinations to explore and this can be a minefield to know which company to use and what is included within the package. We are here to help! We have worked with many build companies and suppliers to produce varying different levels of timber frame build. Timber frame has many advantages, including energy efficiency and speed/accuracy of build. The vast majority of timber frames are built off site into a kit form. This is a controlled environment, allowing for tight tolerances (5-10mm) of build and no time loss due to weather conditions. Typically timber frame houses are erected to a shell finish within 7-10 days with lead in times from 6 weeks. 
  • SIPs – SIPs stands for Structurally Insulated Panels. These panels are manufactured within controlled factory conditions, built to an extremely high level of tolerance (3-5mm), which as a result creates a very thermally efficient build. The system is built using a two sheets of OSB boarding sandwiched either side of an insulation slab. We have a number of suppliers that we can recommend, depending on your build method. Typically SIPs houses are erected to a shell finish within 7-10 days with varying lead in times from 8 weeks plus. 
  • Modular Building – This is a build section more aimed towards the volumetric larger housebuilders, however there are a number of companies that we can put you in touch with and work alongside to build one of houses, with everything bar the groundworks carried out within a factory and erected on site within a matter of days, to a completed finish. Build times in factory conditions are normally a minimum of 12 weeks. This system can also be used for additional floor levels to an existing property. 

What ever the system, we will be able to tailor our services and design to the system. So if you have already been to one of the trade shows (grand designs, Homebuilding and Renovation, SelfBuild etc) and chosen your system, we can work with this. If you have no idea where to start, we will advise accordingly. 

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