Exploring New Areas In The UK

The majority of our projects, big and small are based in and around Lyme Regis in Dorset. This is mainly because the founder of Modarc Jim Larcombe was born and grew up in Lyme Regis for 28 years. He is the fifth generation of the Larcombe family to work within the building industry and knows the area like the back of his hand. 

This does not mean that we only choose to work in this area of the South West of England. We have a number of clients who we have worked with from different counties such as Devon, Somerset, Surrey, Essex and Greater London and we are always prepared to look at opportunities in new areas to expand our business and explore some of the amazing locations to build unique homes and developments throughout the UK.

In most circumstances we only need to visit a location once or twice to meet a client and take any information we may need, so all the other architectural works can be completed back in our office before submission for planning. We are happy to assist clients in their projects, as much as they may need us to during the whole process.

We have recently had enquiries from Cornwall and Wiltshire which we hope to add to our map in the near future. Keep an eye out to see where we end up next!

Posted on October 7th 2019

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