New Office

After spending some time in our office in Colyton, it didn’t take long for us to realise that we would quickly outgrow and need more space to develop our Business. Colyton was a beautiful location, which ended up being the perfect starting point for this new company. Located in the countryside and only a few miles from the coast, we certainly could not complain about the stunning views. Many times, we discussed popping over to Lyme Regis or Seaton for an ice cream in our lunch break and make the most of the fabulous location. Moving into Colyton was straight forward for us, we only needed a hire van and a trip to Ikea and we kitted out the new office with 2 desks, kitchen area and seating for our clients. It was certainly big enough for an architectural office however we had other ideas in mind for the future development of the business.

 We have always advised clients on products which we believe would be the most cost effective or suitable for them and have always dreamed about having the products at hand to physically show them. This will range from panels and blocks used to build homes to the finishing touches such as flooring, cladding, tiling etc. With all these samples to show clients we really wanted something a bit bigger than a standard office, a show room would be perfect. Can you imagine coming in to our office to discuss with us your project, and then being able to look and actually feel the products to decide how you would like to build your project. Whether it just be a small extension or dream house. After a long time of this being an idea, we came across a unit based in Ilton, Ilminster which included an office, a warehouse area and side conference room. The location also seemed very practical as it has easy access to many surrounding Counties including Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. You can jump straight on to the A303 to get to London within a few hours or have access to the M5 to head either North or South. The office is still only 20 miles away from Lyme Regis which is where the majority of our clients are based, however with this new location we can look at many different areas to work. We decided to book a viewing at this new location and on arrival we straight away saw the huge potential it had. We could picture everything we ever wanted for an office/showroom being located here. Within a month we had decided to go ahead with this new office in Ilton and were all moved in with another trip to Ikea under our belt. This time we needed shelves for our showroom to showcase the samples we have managed to source from business’s we work with. There is a lot of work we’d like to do on the new office and are currently liaising with suppliers to install walls for our clients to be able to view in detail, including SIPs panels and ICF blocks. These are just some of the products we will be recommending for our clients to use on their projects so would like to be able to give them the opportunity to see the product up front before making their decision. We have been in the new Office since the 1stof April and have plenty of ideas on how we can make this building perfect for our business. 

 Since being in our new Office we have learned that behind the business park is Merryfield Airfield. This was used in the Second World War by both the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Forces. It is still used as an Air Field today and we can hear helicopters flying over regularly.

 We look forward to making this location our dream office and are excited to see the progress we will make over the next few months. We don’t believe we will outgrow this one anytime soon.

Posted on May 17th 2019

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