Self-Build Using Blocks

Self-building is becoming more and more popular these days with people wanting to oversee their own projects and try to have full control of the costs. There are multiple ways of building you own home, and one of the products which we have recently discovered are Isotex Blocks. We discovered these blocks whilst visiting a self-build show earlier on in the year with a company called Insul Hub UK showcasing them. As soon as we saw the product, we thought they looked fantastic and were an energy efficient, cost effective way to perform your own self build. 

The blocks are made up of cement-bonded wood fibre and are easy to apply and install. They are compliant with applicable building regulations and only require basic skill to lay. The blocks are dry stacked and then in-filled with concrete to form a monolithic structural walling system which are thermal efficient.

 Insul Hub also offer free training days on how to install these blocks for self-builders, developers or anyone interested in using these blocks for a project.

The day we first met the Insul Hub UK team at the NEC Self Build Show we explained how we would like a sample of the block to showcase in our office. We want clients to be able to visit us with their project ideas and we can assist in finding the right construction process for them, and we believe that many of our clients would benefit from using Isotex blocks. After a short discussion we were offered something far better than a block, we were offered a display wall. Three months later and a bit of planning on where our new display would be located in our warehouse area, we had the new wall installed. We have samples of the different types of blocks which we now showcase, and the wall in the near future will have rendering samples and brick slips attached so the client can see how the finished product will look externally. 

In the near future we are hoping to host some of the training sessions here for installing the Isotex blocks as there are no locations in the South of the country as of yet, this will be led by Insul Hub UK. 

We are excited to have discovered another fantastic product which we can recommend to clients and offer them the best building experience possible.

Posted on June 20th 2019

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